Turn That Cheap Suit Into An Expensive One Without Breaking The Bank

Suits are hard to find and hard to buy due to one main reason; The price. Suits can be quite expensive and when the offices tend to opt for suits as the dress code it makes things even worse. You don’t want to end up wasting your whole salary on some outfit nor do you want to look cheap in a cheap suit. How can you overcome this issue? Well, we can help you out. But first keep in mind that you will have to have at least one good suit to wear in extremely special occasions. For the rest, you can simply use the following tips.

Off the rack and fit

Now that’s an odd combination isn’t it? We all know that buying off the rack means your suit will either be too big or too small. Suits are suppose to be custom made tofu our body which tends to vary from one person to another. Off the rack suits are based on the average sizes. So you will just have to go with that right? Actually, there is one way that you can turn this off the rack suit into YOUR suit. When you buy an off the rack sit, get it in a larger size so that you can do some alterations. Next, give it to a place which does suit alterations Sydney or in your region. They will get it to fit perfectly to your body. So now the fitting part is done.


We all know that cheap suits come along with some cheap buttons which are shiny and plastic. They tend to break very easily and also, you can notice the appalling look it gives to the whole suit. Well, why not just replace them. You can get the tailor to do that. Ask them to replace it with some genuine buttons which matches the material. If you are good with the needle and thread you can do this by yourself.


Now there are so many suit alterations Sydney CBD providing various alteration services. When you are at them getting the suit tailored, ask the to add a 1.5 inch cuff at the ankles of your trousers when they are altering it to fit your size. This is a specific detail which you can’t find in cheap suits. Also, it will be a good alteration.By using the above tips you can get your cheap suit to look quite expensive but without spending a ton of cash on it.

Change The Skin Color Temporarily Now! Know A Few Things Before You Go

There are several stances where people would like to bake in the sun, which in turn affects the skin. This is the reason, immense of the people are turning onto spray tanning to fetch that different bronze look. This gives the color to the body and that too on the temporary basis. If you are going to do this for the first time, then you might have several related queries. To remove all the queries, given below is the entire detail:


Let us start with the basics with spray tanning. It is a form tanning, which is done in the absence of sun. It is artificially done with the help of spray. The presence of an ingredient like mist contains Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which easily interacts with your skin and makes it ether brown or bronze. Once this spray is sprayed on the entire body, it will last for 3 days to 7 days. Moreover, the process is safe too, as it has nothing to do with the sun’s rays. The results acquire from this sort of spray is generally good. Mostly celebrities or models have a preference for the spray tanning.

Pros and cons

  • If you compare spray tanning from other tanning products like cream etc, you will notice some differences. Spray tanning Brighton or self-tanning consisted of an ingredient such as DHA.
  • The biggest trouble of using spray tan is the high cost incurred in it. It costs very high per tan.
  • Also, the inconvenience of moving to the salon or seeking an appointment with experts to visit to the house is no more than a pain. It is really painful to move to the salon and get tanning done every week is really painful.
  • If you are getting it done from experts outside, then you need to pack your clothes and move out to get it done.
  • The benefits include its easy application and once you prepare to use it, you can get it done from the booth or from on your own. The professionals can visit your house and apply the fine mist on the entire body and nothing much. 

How safe is it?

It is really safe to use spray tanning. For better assurance, you can use lotions or gels etc to get it done yourself. If you have decided to use the spray tan St Kilda then ensure for wearing a nose clip and cover face. By following the precautions required, you would be able to make out that the process is really comfortable and easy to continue with.

Interesting Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you might be thinking what you will gift your partner. Valentine’s Day is special to all lovers around the world and you must be equally excited to spend time together with him. So here are a few exciting activities you can do on Valentine’s Day that you both will love.

Plan a romantic dinner

A romantic dinner at a fine dining restaurant will be the perfect activity. You need to go down to your favourite restaurant at least a month prior since there are a lot of reservations on Valentine’s Day. Reserve a table in a corner where it’s calm and quiet so that you two can enjoy the evening. You can even book a private dining room just for the two of you. Order some flowers, wine and music if you like to make it even more romantic. Put on one of his favourite floral dresses or evening gowns that matches the evening. Tell him to dress up too but keep the venue a secret till you get there.

Spend the entire day in bed

There’s nothing more heavenly than staying in bed the entire day with your partner. You could bring home a movie and watch it in bed and then cook a delicious meal together. Most couples are so busy nowadays that they hardly have time to spend with each other. Hence, value the day you spend at home alone. If you feel lucky, you can do some online shopping with him and finally get him to agree on buying those stylish sequin dresses.

Scavenger hunt

For the outdoor lovers, this is a great way to make your day fun and exciting. You can leave little clues at places and guide him through them to find you at the end of the trail. Make use of special places to you such as the place you first met, first kissed etc. At the end of the trail, you can organize a little picnic or a simple dinner at a restaurant you both love.

Go camping on your backyard

Well you can’t actually take the day off and go camping with all your commitments, but why not camp on your own backyard. Set up a little campsite with a tent and bonfire. Play some music to set the mood, prepare some simple finger foods, keep the wine ready and cuddle up in your own tent and spend the night together. To make a bit more dramatic, you can hang some fairy lights all around your garden.

Ornaments For Marriage And Other Occasion

When the term wedding is coined, there come decorations and different types of arrangements to make the occasion a special and memorable one. However, there are different approaches by which you can easily add the difference to your wedding. But when you want to bring different, you first need to concentrate on the theme. Choosing the right theme is very much important, as it will bring value to the wedding. One of the most special that every wedding hold is the right type of ring. Yes, without the right type of wedding ring a marriage can never become accomplished.

Some useful tips that you should know

In order to make a wedding perfect one, you should look for diamond engagement rings. Before going to buy a marriage ring, there are some simple things that you need to follow. Here are some of the tips that will bring big difference to your shop:

  • Always buy the right type of ring that has good design and texture.
  • Buying from a reputed ornament store will always keep you in the lighter side.
  • Whenever you buy any marriage ring, you should look for the right weight and the Hallmark branding.
  • You can go with diamond, gold, silver and other type of rings, as per your requirements.

Where to buy such type of finger wear?

Wedding rings Adelaide are easily available at your nearby ornament store and the price entirely depends on its weight. You can also make a purchase online for the ring as per your choice. Today, there are various stores in the internet that are good at offering budget friendly deal. During the festival and holiday season, you can easily get discounts and gifts with purchase.Whether it may be your friend’s wedding or someone closed, you can gift him or her nice wedding ring. Your choice entirely depends on the type of wedding and what the bride or the groom desires. Do a prior research before making a purchase online or from the local market. You won’t get huge price difference while making a purchase online or from the off-line market. Yes, the off-line market will give you the ease to see the item before making a purchase. Whereas the internet medium gives you the same thing, but you need to choose some of the best ornament stores that are reputed in their service and have good brand value. Hence, what are you waiting for? Go online and do your shopping activity in the best manner. Find reliable stores to buy a ring for the wedding or any other occasion. Get ready to shop for the best deals.

Top Three Tips To Help You Find The Best Jewelry Products

Jewelry is something that many people fall in love with due to their unique beauty, luxuriousness and value but it is not always something easy to purchase. Many people who are in need of rare and high quality jewels and jewelry products would have to be careful about how they find a seller as purchasing jewelry is a process that involves large amounts of money! Whether you are in need of beautiful jewelry for your personal use or whether you are in need of jewelry and jewels for business purposes, you can never be too careful about how you make your purchases! Jewelry and gems come in a unique form with their very own quality, design and styles. Buying jewelry products is not similar to buying anything else such as a concert ticket or even a car, it is a process that needs to be planned right which is why these three tips will help you find the best products in Australia! 

Find a recognized wholesaler for jewelry

If you are looking forward to buying already created jewelry such as necklaces, pendants and awesome opal rings, then the very first thing you need to do is to find a known and established wholesaler of jewelry.

Jewellery wholesalers Adelaide are a great way to make the most of your time and money as they have better prices, high quality and you are also able to find products of different kinds as well. This is why many retailers often depend on wholesalers to find the best jewelry products in the country for sale.

Consider consulting a manufacturer for better products

A manufacturer is the best choice if you are in need of a particular form of jewelry or if you want a certain type of jewelry manufactured for your use. With a quick search you can easily find the best jewelry manufacturers residing in Adelaide and this will make your journey much easier. Manufacturers always deal with the highest quality products and as there is no third party involved with the purchasing, this ensures there is no damage done to the products either! For anyone with business purposes in mind, a manufacturer is the best choice.

Always settle for the most established company

Whether you are looking for a manufacturer or a wholesaler, it is important for the company or organization to be recognized in the country of Australia. This way, you can be sure of their service and what they offer to their clients hence it makes purchasing from them safer and easier for everyone.

Guide To Buying Jewellery For Your Partner

One of the biggest issues that men have is buying jewellery for their partners. Be it an engagement ring or something more elaborate like a pair of new earrings or a necklace, most men are left sweating when the time comes to enter the jewellery shop and choose something. This is kind of understandable, given that most men are hardly interested in jewellery, but you don’t have to make this process unnecessarily hard for yourself.The way to approach this is to not think too hard. Just read the following few lines to get a better idea of what this means. Hopefully, you will not have a lot to worry about when buying a shiny custom wedding ring Brisbane, and all you have to wait for will be the happy smile on your wife’s face!

Think from Different Angles

Don’t just think of the ring you are going to buy from your own perspective. Instead of that, try to think about what your partner would feel when she sees you presenting that shiny rose gold ring right in front of her eyes. Sure it can be hard to exactly predict a situation like this, but now that you have gotten so close to your partner, you are one person who has the best shot at it. You could also ask some advice from your own parents, friends or other relatives if you like. Having different opinions can be helpful in order to buy just the right type of present.

Consider Long-Term Usability

Jewellery is supposed to help accentuate a person’s natural look, but it should accomplish this by not being a major burden. This is especially true for pieces of jewellery that people wear daily, such as rings and earrings. These should not get in the way of day to day tasks, nor should they be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Decide How Much You Want to Spend

Jewellery is expensive without a doubt, particularly when you want to buy something made from precious and rare metals like silver, gold, platinum, titanium or palladium. Nevertheless, try to think of jewellery in a different way as well: they are not items that you are supposed to replace once every other year. So try setting up a decent budget in order to present your girlfriend or wife with a nice piece of jewellery to add to their collection.

Visit Several Shops

Jewellery shops can be found in a lot of large commercial districts, so take your time to locate a shop which sells quality products. If you want something really special, look for a shop that is willing to craft custom jewellery, which is perfect for occasions like presents, anniversaries and one-time events like your engagement and wedding.

How To Look Chic Everyday

Let’s face it we have all been caught up in a hectic life that we don’t pay attention, when we step out we are not looking our very best. But shouldn’t the whole process of looking great be that difficult? Here are few tips on getting dressed at your best and also looking chic as it can get. Visit https://www.coltish.com.au/collections/dresses for more boho chic dresses.

Start with what you have

We begin with our very own closets. Looking best dressed and chic requires some kind of organization. So you should definitely start by getting rid of all the clutter. This means getting rid of the stained, torn and things you have out grown. You can always choose to give it someone you know or even donate it for a good cause. Once you have sorted out the unused lot you can then edit your closet by selecting things you do not find attractive. When you have narrowed it down to the clothes in trend you can then analyze of they are versatile. If you are someone who is into Bohemian style clothing then you can look into mixing and matching different pieces. Looking effortless and chic also requires matching up different clothes to create a beautiful look. You will end up with a closet with free space and also with a good option of clothes.

How you should work the style

Always embrace the classics. Classic pieces are not boring. It is a wise decision to invest on a good jacket, you can simply pair it with a pair of chic boots or bohemian style tops. A classic mix and match can easily make you go from dressing down to dressing up. When you go for an effortless style you should be a master at layering when you think of going for a simple shirt and pant give a thought to how you could layer it up. The rule of thumb here is basic outfit-scarf-statement shoes-hat/belt. Always go for two or more layers and be confident to carry it.When you want to achieve that every day effortless chic look don’t go for same toned clothes the same goes with jewelry. You don’t always have to match you handbag with your clothes. Looking chic means not to overthink about your outfit it is about getting creative. A great tip for this is having at least three tones on your outfit. And finally go very subtle on your hair and makeup. If you generally wear your hair on an up-do try to leave a few hair stands to hang naturally along your face. When it comes to make up nothing to heavy just some concealer and tinted lip balm would do. Being effortless is all about being minimal but having good sense of style.

Quick Fixes For Your Common Wardrobe Problems

We have all been in those situations where you’d look for quick fixes, or in other words, temporary solutions for problems that last a few moments. When it comes to styling, outfits, and attire, there may have been many such emergencies where you’d looked for a quick solution to ‘cover up the little flaws!’ You may not be able to make do with clothing all the time, but when it comes to the add-ons, or accessories, you should be able to use a couple of clever tricks!

Wearables for Women

In case you’ve lost your favourite ring, or an expensive bracelet or a watch, or they’ve gotten badly damaged and you just don’t have enough time to have them fixed or restored (not to mention how much it could cost to have these precious items repaired), you may want to look for your best alternate options. If you are unable to find a replica of the one you lost, you’d at least want to find one that LOOKS as good. This could be one of those instances where you’d go around looking for something that’s both inexpensive and good looking. You could also buy cheap watches online if you find a decent online store offering good stuff at great prices.

Accessories for Men

Men are likely to have these emergencies, too. And when they do, it could become a much more chaotic scenario. Men aren’t the type who can get all dressy and decked up. Therefore, a few accessories are what they’d rely on for a classy appearance. Wallets, belts, watches and sunnies are actually precious stuff to the men folk and many of them usually have one of each that they’d use for a decade! Therefore, when they have a ‘things gone missing’ situation, it can make them extremely cross! However, they may resort to a new pair of cheap sunglasses, or a watch as a tentative solution, but it may not be like the old, precious piece.

Cheap and Good

One good thing about opting for cheap accessories is that they aren’t really as ‘cheap’ as they sound. Although you’d pay a lot less than what you’d pay for bigger brands, this stuff may be incredibly durable and excellent in quality. They even look amazing and actually aren’t any less in any way! It could be good proof that you needn’t pay crazy money for something good anymore!

The next time you’ve lost your accessories, you know where to look for solutions. In the end, you would see that your time or your money you used on them was never a waste after all!

You’re Bride Personality And The Footwear Just For You

Different brides go for different styles – everything from the wedding location to the most minute details as in the invitation cards changes drastically. And of course, wedding shoes are no exception to the rule! What are the best types of shoes that would match with your personality and idea of weddings? Find out below!

The Traditional, Feminine Brides

If you want to stick to traditional ideas about marriage and wedding celebrations, then you definitely want to go with the traditional church wedding and full-on white wedding outfit with a long trail. In such cases, you will definitely love the traditional designer bridal shoes from Australia that come with simplistic white designs, adorned with bows and pearls. Floral designs are also an ideal addition to enhanced feminine designs.

Sentimentalist, Romantic Brides

If your idea of a wedding would be a night-themed starry event with gourmet food choices and other romantic additions, then, you will most definitely like a vintage theme to your wedding. From the old haute couture wedding dresses to the vintage wedding shoes, you can find so many accessories to enhance your idea of a romantic and sentimentalist wedding. Generally, you should look for intricate designs and the meticulous use of small adornments such as pearls and studs to create beautiful designs: only a close-up shot can fully deliver the beauty of such bold accessories! Wedding shoes that follow vintage traditions usually fall into types such as peep toes and kitten heels, often coming with straps to fasten your shoes.

The Casual, Playful Brides

If your choice of wedding locations would be the beach, a park or a similar casual location, then you are definitely the type of bride who loves to be outdoors and play about! In such occasions, the best type of footwear would be either sandals or simple bridal flats. More and more designer brands are investing in lines for casual wedding footwear, which means you can count on a large selection even if you do not go for heels! Plus, the definite benefit you can reap from buying sandals or flats for your wedding is that you will definitely be able to wear them for your honeymoon – regardless of whether that is an exotic beach or not!

The Glamourous, Glitzy Brides

If your idea of a wedding is a glamorous affair with oversized chandeliers and sparkly reception halls adorned by flowers and blitz, then you definitely need to pack in your look with shoes that can easily make a statement. Your idea of footwear would be high heels – most probably pumps, wedges or stilettos. Sequins, crystals and other kinds of adornments that can easily make your shoes shimmer in the bright lights of the reception hall are what you are looking for.

Timing Things To Perfection

There are moments in all our lives when we feel like there is a mountain of work in front of us, and we are never going to get it done on time. We are never going to be able to complete it on time. Most of the time we find ourselves in this situation simply because of our own fault, because we didn’t plan things out all that well. We didn’t manage our time all that well. and this is the very reason we find ourselves in such a predicament on most occasions, we just assumes too much of our capabilities and thought we could do a superhuman amount of work in short period of time and we just kept on procrastinating, even though we knew the end was approaching. And then we find ourselves in deep trouble because we have so much to do in so little time. But of course on other occasions it may be true that the workload itself was just too much for us to handle. But maybe this is the reason our parents tried to teach us time management from a younger age. Maybe this is the reason they always kept on telling us to finish our homework on time and to start studying way before the day of the exam.

Maybe because then we would find ourselves better prepared to face the situation that comes up in front of us. On how many occasions have we thought to ourselves that our mom was so silly to go shopping for Christmas gifts so early on? Why does she have to go and buy those RM Williams womens clothing about two months before the day? Well maybe because it was easier to get things done slowly and steadily rather than having to rush at the last moment, in order to get all of it done on time.

This way you can enjoy the task at hand as well, because you have all the time to spend in the world while doing it and you can get something that you know is perfect for that person. Whereas if you left it till the last moment then you would just run in and grab the first thing that catches your attention.Or we would go the modern way and just buy the clothing online here, because this definitely is one way of saving huge amounts of time. Because you don’t have to even bother to walk into a store and roam around to find whatever it is you are looking for. You just have to type in what you are looking for and you will it. In all shapes and sizes. So maybe it’s better we learn how to time thing in our lives rather than wait for the rush hour.