Quick Fixes For Your Common Wardrobe Problems

We have all been in those situations where you’d look for quick fixes, or in other words, temporary solutions for problems that last a few moments. When it comes to styling, outfits, and attire, there may have been many such emergencies where you’d looked for a quick solution to ‘cover up the little flaws!’ You may not be able to make do with clothing all the time, but when it comes to the add-ons, or accessories, you should be able to use a couple of clever tricks!

Wearables for Women

In case you’ve lost your favourite ring, or an expensive bracelet or a watch, or they’ve gotten badly damaged and you just don’t have enough time to have them fixed or restored (not to mention how much it could cost to have these precious items repaired), you may want to look for your best alternate options. If you are unable to find a replica of the one you lost, you’d at least want to find one that LOOKS as good. This could be one of those instances where you’d go around looking for something that’s both inexpensive and good looking. You could also buy cheap watches online if you find a decent online store offering good stuff at great prices.

Accessories for Men

Men are likely to have these emergencies, too. And when they do, it could become a much more chaotic scenario. Men aren’t the type who can get all dressy and decked up. Therefore, a few accessories are what they’d rely on for a classy appearance. Wallets, belts, watches and sunnies are actually precious stuff to the men folk and many of them usually have one of each that they’d use for a decade! Therefore, when they have a ‘things gone missing’ situation, it can make them extremely cross! However, they may resort to a new pair of cheap sunglasses, or a watch as a tentative solution, but it may not be like the old, precious piece.

Cheap and Good

One good thing about opting for cheap accessories is that they aren’t really as ‘cheap’ as they sound. Although you’d pay a lot less than what you’d pay for bigger brands, this stuff may be incredibly durable and excellent in quality. They even look amazing and actually aren’t any less in any way! It could be good proof that you needn’t pay crazy money for something good anymore!

The next time you’ve lost your accessories, you know where to look for solutions. In the end, you would see that your time or your money you used on them was never a waste after all!

You’re Bride Personality And The Footwear Just For You

Different brides go for different styles – everything from the wedding location to the most minute details as in the invitation cards changes drastically. And of course, wedding shoes are no exception to the rule! What are the best types of shoes that would match with your personality and idea of weddings? Find out below!

The Traditional, Feminine Brides

If you want to stick to traditional ideas about marriage and wedding celebrations, then you definitely want to go with the traditional church wedding and full-on white wedding outfit with a long trail. In such cases, you will definitely love the traditional designer bridal shoes from Australia that come with simplistic white designs, adorned with bows and pearls. Floral designs are also an ideal addition to enhanced feminine designs.

Sentimentalist, Romantic Brides

If your idea of a wedding would be a night-themed starry event with gourmet food choices and other romantic additions, then, you will most definitely like a vintage theme to your wedding. From the old haute couture wedding dresses to the vintage wedding shoes, you can find so many accessories to enhance your idea of a romantic and sentimentalist wedding. Generally, you should look for intricate designs and the meticulous use of small adornments such as pearls and studs to create beautiful designs: only a close-up shot can fully deliver the beauty of such bold accessories! Wedding shoes that follow vintage traditions usually fall into types such as peep toes and kitten heels, often coming with straps to fasten your shoes.

The Casual, Playful Brides

If your choice of wedding locations would be the beach, a park or a similar casual location, then you are definitely the type of bride who loves to be outdoors and play about! In such occasions, the best type of footwear would be either sandals or simple bridal flats. More and more designer brands are investing in lines for casual wedding footwear, which means you can count on a large selection even if you do not go for heels! Plus, the definite benefit you can reap from buying sandals or flats for your wedding is that you will definitely be able to wear them for your honeymoon – regardless of whether that is an exotic beach or not!

The Glamourous, Glitzy Brides

If your idea of a wedding is a glamorous affair with oversized chandeliers and sparkly reception halls adorned by flowers and blitz, then you definitely need to pack in your look with shoes that can easily make a statement. Your idea of footwear would be high heels – most probably pumps, wedges or stilettos. Sequins, crystals and other kinds of adornments that can easily make your shoes shimmer in the bright lights of the reception hall are what you are looking for.

Timing Things To Perfection

There are moments in all our lives when we feel like there is a mountain of work in front of us, and we are never going to get it done on time. We are never going to be able to complete it on time. Most of the time we find ourselves in this situation simply because of our own fault, because we didn’t plan things out all that well. We didn’t manage our time all that well. and this is the very reason we find ourselves in such a predicament on most occasions, we just assumes too much of our capabilities and thought we could do a superhuman amount of work in short period of time and we just kept on procrastinating, even though we knew the end was approaching. And then we find ourselves in deep trouble because we have so much to do in so little time. But of course on other occasions it may be true that the workload itself was just too much for us to handle. But maybe this is the reason our parents tried to teach us time management from a younger age. Maybe this is the reason they always kept on telling us to finish our homework on time and to start studying way before the day of the exam.

Maybe because then we would find ourselves better prepared to face the situation that comes up in front of us. On how many occasions have we thought to ourselves that our mom was so silly to go shopping for Christmas gifts so early on? Why does she have to go and buy those RM Williams womens clothing about two months before the day? Well maybe because it was easier to get things done slowly and steadily rather than having to rush at the last moment, in order to get all of it done on time.

This way you can enjoy the task at hand as well, because you have all the time to spend in the world while doing it and you can get something that you know is perfect for that person. Whereas if you left it till the last moment then you would just run in and grab the first thing that catches your attention.Or we would go the modern way and just buy the clothing online here, because this definitely is one way of saving huge amounts of time. Because you don’t have to even bother to walk into a store and roam around to find whatever it is you are looking for. You just have to type in what you are looking for and you will it. In all shapes and sizes. So maybe it’s better we learn how to time thing in our lives rather than wait for the rush hour.

Types Of Handbag

A handbag is an essential accessory that virtually no woman can do without. Their usefulness and practicality is unmatched by anything else we have on hand, which makes it a priority to get a good handbag before most other things. But how do you choose something that fits your needs and your fashion sense out of the countless options available out there?As a starting point, you may want to take a look at all the different types of handbags available for sale. They all differ in size, shape, weight, material they are made of and even the way they should be used in. Here are some of the most common ones out there.

Crossbody and Messenger – Their size makes them perfect to use for days when you have to go to work. They usually have long straps that makes them easy to carry without having to use your hands, effectively giving you a lot of freedom to your daily activities or just to hold onto your electronic devices.

Satchel – A satchel is normally considered as one of the best among workhorse handbags. They are normally larger than an average bag, which means that you can fit a lot of things before your bag becomes full. When shopping, opt for a nice leather one, preferably one with a conservative colour like brown and black.

Strapless Bags – This type of small handbags, more commonly known as clutches, are good to have just in case you will ever need one. Clutches are ideal for carrying around valuable possessions without the need for a large bag all the time. You can also consider having a daytime clutch that you can carry inside your everyday handbag and a separate eveningrose gold clutch to use for special nighttime events only.

Wristlet – Need something that is even smaller than your clutch bags onlineclutch-fashion to carry your phone or credit card? If that is the case, look no further than a wristlet or a small phone wallet. This way, you won’t have to frantically search for your phone whenever it starts ringing, and you won’t have to keep the cashier at the local supermarket waiting for you to find your credit card. Additionally, a wristlet can also be used to carry around some of your smaller make-up accessories if needed.

The Tote – Want to haul around as much as you can without giving up on your style? Look no further than getting a chic tote. Available in all kinds of colours and designs, totes are a popular type of bad for almost every occasion and can be easily used as your everyday bag if you don’t mind the extra weight and the double straps.

Going On A Much Needed Getaway

Sometimes you might feel that you want to leave everything behind just to go on a journey to forget about everything. Well, if you are to look at a getaway planning is required. Planning, planning and planning will make it a success. Just taking your bag and going might make everything stressful for you. Therefore, you could make it a point to lead up to it. By doing so you could ensure that you enjoy your time away. Individuals have a tendency of spending a lot of time pre-planning and that usually happens just to ensure that everything is perfect.  

Firstly, you could plan on a place to visit. During this period you could possible think of a few places which you might have planned on visiting. If it’s within your budget range and if you still have interested in visiting that area, you could try looking in for places to reside in. Then comes the people whom you are to go with. You could either go alone or go with a few friends. If you are seeing someone you could make it a point to take them along. Doing so would help you figure out whom you are actually going with. Once you have figured out who your partner is, it’s time for you to figure out the number of days, the locations and the activities which you are planning on doing. If you are to go fishing, you might want to make sure that you get yourself fishing shirts with total comfort.

It is also good to be safe from ultra violet rays and protect your skin, therefore you could simply look into uv protecting clothing online. If needs you could also make it a point to take supplies with you. Not every area will have a shop and travelling quite often might waste your time. Time could be saved if you pre plan everything well.

Furthermore, it is also essential to look into a mode of transport if you are not going by air. If you are to take the public transport service, you might want to make sure that you place a reservation. On the other hand, if you are renting a vehicle you might want to make sure that the right amount of rest is taken. If you are to drive at night, you might want to get some sleep during the day. Not doing so could put your vehicle at risk.Ultimately, these are the things which need your focus if you plan on going on a trip which could also be called as a getaway.

Tips To Find The Right Store To Shop For Wellness Armlets

Once you get information about how good the wellness armlets are and what it does to your body and mind, the next thing that would come to your mind is the place where you will find these armlets. Well, with the improvement in technology and the huge strides that the internet has taken, the best place to shop for these products is, of course, the internet. There are plenty of healing and wellness stores available online that sells all kinds of natural stone armlets and other specific armlets and anklets and wellness products to improve the well being of a person. But, not every store that boasts of 100% well-being and therapeutic calmness is able to produce the effective results. Hence, you need to weigh a lot of options and be informed about the shop before you make the purchase.

How to find the right store?

There are many ways by which you can find out the best store that sells healing bracelets online.

Ask your friends and relatives

  • If you have a friend or a relative or a colleague who have had the experience of buying the wellness armlets from physical or stores on the internet, then they might be able to guide you to the best shop.
  • If they have not had the experience, they might even gather information about the wellness armlets and natural stone armlets from their friends and colleagues.
  • Asking for a reference from a friend or family member is a very good option as they will surely be able to lead you to the right store.

It is important to first tap this source before you move onto the next one.

Research on the internet

The internet is the best tool that you have at your disposal to find anything and everything you want. Hence, search the internet for the best stores that sell chakra healing bracelet or other wellness products you want. There are many sites that will offer you comparative study between sites to help you choose the product better. It is very important to research more about the store before making the purchase. You should check out the experience of the store, the number of positive reviews, the quality of the products sold and the price range of the products before buying from any store. This is a must to find the right store and to avoid any issues and hassles after the purchase.


Through proper research and effort, you will be able to find the most suited store to buy the wellness anklets, armlet, and other products to help you soothe your mind and body.

Get Rid Of Your Shopping Addiction

Addiction comes in many ways and forms and may harmfully affect a person as well their loved ones. Shopping addiction is one such form of addiction, which may cause severe financial damage to you as well as cause rifts between you and your friends and family. If you are a self-confessed shopaholic, then the following guide may be useful to you to help you overcome your addiction.

 Evaluate Yourself

Be brutally honest with yourself and analyse your spending habits carefully. Keep track of your daily expenditure so that you know exactly how much you spend on what. By adding up all the figures at the end of the month, you may be able to understand the sheer bulk of money that you have wasted, which may in turn act as a wakeup call.  Making such a list will also help you to understand the triggers, which may range from stress shopping, to the thrill you receive from getting a good bargain. Assessing yourself in this manner will help you to tackle the problem head on.

 Be Wary of Your Environment

Just like alcoholics need to avoid bars and pubs at any cost, shopaholics too need to avoid places that remind them of shopping. Malls and shopping complexes should be avoided on your daily route, since this will only act as a temptation that will draw you in. Even sitting in front of a computer screen, may be a form of temptation, especially if a pop up for jewellery shops Brisbane keeps coming up every few minutes. As an extra precautions, use an add blocker when going online, and make sure that all shopping websites are blocked on your personal computer.


Make a Shopping List

At the start of each week, make a list of all the essentials that you actually need to buy as well as all the utilities that need to be paid. Use this list as a reference to make your purchasing decisions, and try your best not to buy anything that is not on it. Such a list will help you prioritize, and will stop you from placing importance on something unnecessary, such as Mary Frances clutches, over paying your insurance instalments.

 Find Distractions

Find yourself a new hobby, one which preferably takes up a lot of time and effort, so that you can have something to distract your from any shopping urges. Taking up a sport would be the best option, since it takes both physical and mental effort and will eventually result in taking your mind off the new pair of Jimmy Choose that you have been itching to buy.

 Get Help

Always ask a family member or a friend, who understands your situation, to come shopping with you. They will make sure that you won’t buy unnecessary things and will keep your shopping impulses in check. If you consider your problem to be a serious one, then do not hesitate to seek professional help. 

Bridal Shower Ideas For 2017

Weddings, engagements and bridal showers are some of those events in people’s lives that they plan and dream of for a long period of time. If you ask someone who just turned 18 or even 20, you might able to get some answers from them on how they dream of becoming a beautiful bride. Maybe they haven’t even found their partner yet but what is more important about dreaming such a day is that you hope to celebrate it once in your life time with the person you are truly in love with and you don’t need a proper day to dream of beautiful things. Unlike many years ago, it’s much easier having to plan a wedding as we all can come across a lot of photos of how people have organized their weddings before actually planning our one.

In looking at how another wedding is done, I don’t mean to copy someone else’s day but to just get an idea and incorporate with the way you wish to do it. If you look at 50s clothing and wedding styles at reliable fashion boutiques, they were quite simple and most had pretty garlands of flowers around and there wasn’t much of a variety. If you look at an Asian Indian wedding, most of the brides have looked quite similar in style. However this read will give you some quick tips when planning your bridal shower, which is before your actual big day where you celebrate with your girlfriends.

When you are planning you bridal shower, first thing to do is decide on what kind of a place you want to have it, whether it’s an outdoor event or an indoor event. Then you should choose a good place for that, and then think of what kind of an outfit you hope to wear and the kind of theme you would like to use for the simple decors or cake if you choose to have any. Most girls today go ahead with vintage inspired dresses for their bridal showers as they prefer wearing something more in style for their big day. These dresses usually have a lot of peaches, pinks with lace designs.

One thing you should always do in your bridal shower is to pick out some great fun games to do with your bunch of friends. It doesn’t have to involve a lot of physical activities but it could just be something that everyone will remember. If can make everyone dress according to a theme and take some beautiful photographs that will last a life time and most importantly spend each minute genuinely connecting to your friends as that’s what will make you truly cherish the day the most.

Mother’s Day Ideas For New Moms

Being a mother is a mammoth task and sometimes it drains you both emotionally and physically while filling your heart with pure joy and laughter during other times and regardless of the ups and downs of motherhood, motherhood is a forever job.

All mothers all across the world are doing the best they can for their children and sometimes they deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated for their efforts in successfully bringing up another human being. The world celebrates mother’s day every year and if you’re a new mom wondering about your plans for the special day, here are a few tips that will help you plan some fun activities.

Plan a pamper day

Bringing up a child is such a rewarding job but sometimes you need a quick pamper day to reboot from all the sleepless nights, messy diapers and tantrums you have had to endure after giving birth to your children.

What you will need for a pamper day is a quite space where your little ones are not able to follow you every step of the way so the best option is to leave your children in the care of their father, a loved one or a babysitter and escape into a quite space where you can draw yourself a hot relaxing bath, play some classical music and binge watch a movie you have been meaning to watch while sipping on your favorite beverage and indulging in a delicious meal.

It is also very likely that even though you plan to spend a whole day relaxing, you will rush home to your babies after a while to spend the rest of the special day with your little one.

Plan a day out

If your kids are over the ages of throwing random tantrums in public and breaking down crying for no reason, planning a day out is a wonderful idea that will give you some valuable leisure time with your kids. You should do things such as visiting the local minti clothing store and buying back to school clothes and going to a new café for lunch after splurging at the minti clothing sale. The idea behind a day out with your children is to help you strengthen your bond with your kids and also for you to be able to spend the special day with your very special adorable kids.

Stay in for the day

You could also opt for the option of staying in for the day in your pajamas, ordering take out and watching some fun movies while cuddling your kids in bed.

Wedding Dresses In A Budget; Is That Even Possible?

The wedding dress; the single dress that most women dream about half their lives, and then dread going shopping for it when the time comes. Because it’s something they were waiting to buy from such a long time, even if they hadn’t been doing it consciously, brides tend to have a particular dress in mind when going shopping for it.

As a result; bridal dress shopping becomes a nightmare.

But the real problem starts when you have to go bridal dress shopping; in a budget. Even planning the entire wedding sometimes would feel less tiring; than trying to find a dress with limited funds for it. But as nightmarish as it sounds, it’s still possible, so don’t be disheartened.

Here are our tips for when you need to find the bridal dress of your dreams, but you have to keep a tight hold on your money.

Buying the dress in the correct season.

Like everything else, wedding dresses too have a season where they don’t do so well. If you plan ahead of time, you can buy your wedding dress during the off season for it, and spend a lot less than you would, if you had to buy it during the season. Though it is different from country to country, the time that most dress shops have their wedding dresses in sale, is during fall.

Be daring, and different…with a little help!

Making your own dress is definitely a risk—especially if you don’t work very well under a lot of stress. Trust us, you will definitely be under a lot of stress when the big date approaches. Opt for getting a seamstress to stitch your dress if you want to be different, without taking too much chances. If you buy the necessary materials, like the bridal silk fabric, or the laces, then the prices come down for sewing charges as well.

The less popular, the less charges.

If you can’t be bothered to go looking for the bridal silk cloth material (or a seamstress for that matter), then your best option is to opt for a dress designed by someone who’s still yet to be famous. Like most other things, the more famous the brand is, the more expensive it tends to get. Besides the price, most new and upcoming designers are not hard to get a hold of. This means you can opt for this even if this is a “last minute-rushed wedding”.

Consider a second-hand option.

If your budget is very tight, and you don’t have a lot of funds to spend on a dress you’ll wear only once in your whole life time; then consider hiring the wedding dress, or at the least, buying a used dress. Don’t feel bad about it. Like you, the person who wore it before too just wore it once. Think of all the other ways that the remaining money from the dress could be used for…!

A bride’s maid turned bride?

Most wedding dress boutiques have a wonderful collection of bride’s maid dresses. If your wedding is going to be a simple one, then an over the top dress might seem a little out of place. Instead of a large bride’s dress, opt for getting a bride’s maid dress—in white, of course! You’ll be amazed on how much the bride’s maid’s dresses look like the bride’s when they are in white. The big reduction on the price is a big plus as well.

Whatever you decide on, we wish you luck! We’ll have our fingers crossed, and hope that you find the perfect dress—for the perfect price!