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Flawed Measure Of Human Progress

In economics, gross domestic product, or GDP, is the most common method of evaluating a country’s economic growth and progress. Although variations exist, such as GDP adjusted for purchasing power parity, it is essentially the value of all finished goods and services – anything from insurance to anti cellulite hosiery to pizza delivery to strychnine – produced in a country. It is fundamental to many macroeconomic models, and is the measure used for one of the four macroeconomic targets pursued by the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Commonwealth Government. The major problem with GDP, however, is that it does not distinguish between goods and services that advance human welfare and those that detract from it. For example, the current epidemic of obesity, which has been described by some health experts as ‘the greatest public health challenge facing the industrialised world since tobacco’, is actually a short term positive in terms of economic growth.

Obviously, an epidemic of obesity would imply an increase in the consumption of food, therefore boosting production in that sector and contributing to economic growth. Increased availability can be broadly said to be beneficial to quality of life, although this does not account for equity of distribution. Obesity also entails a greater chance of multiple serious health issues, that is why its recommended to get fat burning underwear online such as non insulin dependent type two diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Increased levels of medical treatment for these ailments will represent increased production, leading to an increase in GDP, even though these imply a backwards step for human health and wellbeing. Consumer products related to an increasingly obese population, such as diet plans or shape wear for women and men, for example, will also add to GDP. At the very most, these can only be said to be mitigating a problem. Certainly, they do not represent any great advance in overall human welfare.

However, when people pay for gastric surgery, or a triple bypass, or if they buy anti cellulite leggings, they are nevertheless contributing towards GDP, because GDP is not normative: it does not distinguish between good and bad. Several attempts at creating a replacement measure of economic growth that more accurately tracks advances in quality of life for a country’s citizens have been proposed, such as green GDP, human development index or HDI, and the OECD’s Better Living Index. A lot of these are systems of ranking rather than non comparative measures, so while they may be useful in telling us that Australia and Norway beat Spain and Italy beat Somalia and Afghanistan in terms of quality of life, they are not suitable replacements for GDP for many purposes. For now, we are forced to rely on GDP, with its inability to distinguish between anti cellulite creams and polio vaccines; or to tell apart new schools and new tanks. No wonder economics is known as the dismal science.

High End Fashion With Country Flair

Do you find it embarrassing to purchase plus size undergarments for women from the brick and mortar stores in the market? Do you love to wear lingerie, but as you are oversized you prefer to avoid it? If so, then you will be delighted to know that nowadays plus size bras are specifically designed for overweight women. They are design in such a way that your bulges will remain hidden and make you appear bold and hot. There are different types of plus size bras and panties available in the market and all you need is to choose the best one that suits perfectly with your body structure. Now, there is no need to visit the offline stores to purchase the lingerie sets. You can simply sit in front of your computer and browse the online clothing stores and place the order.

There are lots of advantages of online shopping of these kinds of clothing. You can take as much time as you need to check out the available collections, and no salesman will be there eyeing you to hurry up. You can even get the products you purchase at your doorstep. Thus, there is no need for you to visit the market and hunt the stores to buy the lingerie sets. At the online stores you will come across a lot of options that you cannot even get at the offline stores. Moreover, when it comes to plus size lingerie, then you will not easily get them at the offline stores. If you purchase online, you can also get high discounts. Sales are also offered throughout the year and you can even get the designer lingerie set at cheap prices.

Nowadays, plus sized panties and swimsuits have also become quite common and one can purchase them easily from the online stores. Online shopping has become a trend of the modern generation and most of the people are now switching to this shopping option because of the wide range of benefits it offers to the shoppers. Plus size shirts and tees for women have also become popular and they are available in wide varieties. When it comes to designer and fashionable clothes, then people think that they are meant only for women who have hot and sexy figure. But the concept is no longer true. There are many clothes manufacturers who offer amazing dresses for plus size women. Now overweight women can also flaunt their look and beauty with these exclusive pieces of clothing.

Plus size garments have become common today and even popular clothing brands prefer to design them, which has indeed increases their sales. These garments are of high quality and provide comfort unlike the normal clothes. These are just made using extra fabric, so that they can cover up the body size and structure of the plus size women. Some of them are also designed in such a way that they can make you look slimmer. The choice of plus size clothing is limit less and when you will visit an online clothing store that deals with these kinds of garments, then you will be surely bewildered to see the range of options available.

Plus size dresses are not only limited to outfits and lingerie, one can also buy plus size sleepwear. These clothes are preferred for sleeping comfortably at night. The sexy and vibrant night suits are an additional benefit for making your night more romantic in the bed. You can make your husband fall for you in the bedroom with those low cut nighties and camisoles which will really make you appear hot and bold. To know more about plus size clothing you can browse the online site.


Wedding Ceremonies By Purchasing Diamond Rings

Jeweleries play an indispensable role in adding an elegance to the women. The beauty and ambiance of women is best reflected with the aid of these jewelries. The jeweleries can be comprised of gold, silver, diamond, platinum and several other metals. The diamond jewelries are worth mentioning in this regard as it imparts the best charm to women. The diamond rings have gained high prominence in these days and today they are an incredible part of wedding ceremonies and engagement parties at the same time. The feminism of women is best reflected as they wear the diamond rings. The grace of women is exaggerated in a perfect way and they stand unique in the crowd by wearing these rings. The diamond rings are known for its shining appearance which make the bride stand out of ordinary. You cam look in internet to avail information about the diamond rings online.

The style and glamor of women is best reflected with the aid of these jewelries. Diamond is known to be among the most expensive gems,that are found on the earth’s crust. The diamond rings are highly valued across the world owing to its amazing nature and alluring characteristics at the same time. The diamond rings are also known to carry the symbol of aristocracy and thus define your status in an elegant manner at the same time. The diamond rings are worth mentioning in imparting a grand styling feature to you. The diamond rings also symbolize your taste and class as well. With an array of various causes, these jewelries have become an incredible part of various wedding ceremonies and parties as well. If you are looking for the diamond rings of superior quality in conferring a grand elegance to the occasions, you can access the internet to procure the details about the loose diamonds online in Perth.

The engagement rings play a vital role in conferring the right success to engagement parties and occasions. The tradition of exchanging rings is common since the ancient times and till today, there is no exception to this rule. The diamond rings impart a special reason to cherish the moments of the parties and moments for longer periods of time. There are a number of engagement rings for sale that come in various alluring designs and colors. These rings are in high demand during all occasions and are highly preferred by the female section of the society. These rings are comprised of various elegant metals such as golf, silver, platinum etc. The other gems which are in high usages in these days in order to make a jewelry of your choice include the rubies, pearls, diamonds, etc. These gems are also known throughout the world for their superior durability and affordable rates.

You can also have a look at the custom made diamond rings in order to render a grand success to the wedding ceremonies and engagement parties. The diamond jewelries can be availed in various styles and you can chose one in order to make your wedding ceremony a memorable one. Thee jeweleries also impart a modernized and appealing look to women for which they are known to be the prime choice of women in these days. These jewelries are well renowned across the world for their amazing and unique nature. You can add a personalized touch to the wedding and engagement ceremonies with the aid of these rings. Complement your wedding ceremony in the best manner by purchasing the diamond rings for sale.