You’re Bride Personality And The Footwear Just For You

Different brides go for different styles – everything from the wedding location to the most minute details as in the invitation cards changes drastically. And of course, wedding shoes are no exception to the rule! What are the best types of shoes that would match with your personality and idea of weddings? Find out below!

The Traditional, Feminine Brides

If you want to stick to traditional ideas about marriage and wedding celebrations, then you definitely want to go with the traditional church wedding and full-on white wedding outfit with a long trail. In such cases, you will definitely love the traditional designer bridal shoes from Australia that come with simplistic white designs, adorned with bows and pearls. Floral designs are also an ideal addition to enhanced feminine designs.

Sentimentalist, Romantic Brides

If your idea of a wedding would be a night-themed starry event with gourmet food choices and other romantic additions, then, you will most definitely like a vintage theme to your wedding. From the old haute couture wedding dresses to the vintage wedding shoes, you can find so many accessories to enhance your idea of a romantic and sentimentalist wedding. Generally, you should look for intricate designs and the meticulous use of small adornments such as pearls and studs to create beautiful designs: only a close-up shot can fully deliver the beauty of such bold accessories! Wedding shoes that follow vintage traditions usually fall into types such as peep toes and kitten heels, often coming with straps to fasten your shoes.

The Casual, Playful Brides

If your choice of wedding locations would be the beach, a park or a similar casual location, then you are definitely the type of bride who loves to be outdoors and play about! In such occasions, the best type of footwear would be either sandals or simple bridal flats. More and more designer brands are investing in lines for casual wedding footwear, which means you can count on a large selection even if you do not go for heels! Plus, the definite benefit you can reap from buying sandals or flats for your wedding is that you will definitely be able to wear them for your honeymoon – regardless of whether that is an exotic beach or not!

The Glamourous, Glitzy Brides

If your idea of a wedding is a glamorous affair with oversized chandeliers and sparkly reception halls adorned by flowers and blitz, then you definitely need to pack in your look with shoes that can easily make a statement. Your idea of footwear would be high heels – most probably pumps, wedges or stilettos. Sequins, crystals and other kinds of adornments that can easily make your shoes shimmer in the bright lights of the reception hall are what you are looking for.

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