How To Look Chic Everyday

Let’s face it we have all been caught up in a hectic life that we don’t pay attention, when we step out we are not looking our very best. But shouldn’t the whole process of looking great be that difficult? Here are few tips on getting dressed at your best and also looking chic as it can get. Visit for more boho chic dresses.

Start with what you have

We begin with our very own closets. Looking best dressed and chic requires some kind of organization. So you should definitely start by getting rid of all the clutter. This means getting rid of the stained, torn and things you have out grown. You can always choose to give it someone you know or even donate it for a good cause. Once you have sorted out the unused lot you can then edit your closet by selecting things you do not find attractive. When you have narrowed it down to the clothes in trend you can then analyze of they are versatile. If you are someone who is into Bohemian style clothing then you can look into mixing and matching different pieces. Looking effortless and chic also requires matching up different clothes to create a beautiful look. You will end up with a closet with free space and also with a good option of clothes.

How you should work the style

Always embrace the classics. Classic pieces are not boring. It is a wise decision to invest on a good jacket, you can simply pair it with a pair of chic boots or bohemian style tops. A classic mix and match can easily make you go from dressing down to dressing up. When you go for an effortless style you should be a master at layering when you think of going for a simple shirt and pant give a thought to how you could layer it up. The rule of thumb here is basic outfit-scarf-statement shoes-hat/belt. Always go for two or more layers and be confident to carry it.When you want to achieve that every day effortless chic look don’t go for same toned clothes the same goes with jewelry. You don’t always have to match you handbag with your clothes. Looking chic means not to overthink about your outfit it is about getting creative. A great tip for this is having at least three tones on your outfit. And finally go very subtle on your hair and makeup. If you generally wear your hair on an up-do try to leave a few hair stands to hang naturally along your face. When it comes to make up nothing to heavy just some concealer and tinted lip balm would do. Being effortless is all about being minimal but having good sense of style.

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