Interesting Things To Do On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you might be thinking what you will gift your partner. Valentine’s Day is special to all lovers around the world and you must be equally excited to spend time together with him. So here are a few exciting activities you can do on Valentine’s Day that you both will love.

Plan a romantic dinner

A romantic dinner at a fine dining restaurant will be the perfect activity. You need to go down to your favourite restaurant at least a month prior since there are a lot of reservations on Valentine’s Day. Reserve a table in a corner where it’s calm and quiet so that you two can enjoy the evening. You can even book a private dining room just for the two of you. Order some flowers, wine and music if you like to make it even more romantic. Put on one of his favourite floral dresses or evening gowns that matches the evening. Tell him to dress up too but keep the venue a secret till you get there.

Spend the entire day in bed

There’s nothing more heavenly than staying in bed the entire day with your partner. You could bring home a movie and watch it in bed and then cook a delicious meal together. Most couples are so busy nowadays that they hardly have time to spend with each other. Hence, value the day you spend at home alone. If you feel lucky, you can do some online shopping with him and finally get him to agree on buying those stylish sequin dresses.

Scavenger hunt

For the outdoor lovers, this is a great way to make your day fun and exciting. You can leave little clues at places and guide him through them to find you at the end of the trail. Make use of special places to you such as the place you first met, first kissed etc. At the end of the trail, you can organize a little picnic or a simple dinner at a restaurant you both love.

Go camping on your backyard

Well you can’t actually take the day off and go camping with all your commitments, but why not camp on your own backyard. Set up a little campsite with a tent and bonfire. Play some music to set the mood, prepare some simple finger foods, keep the wine ready and cuddle up in your own tent and spend the night together. To make a bit more dramatic, you can hang some fairy lights all around your garden.

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