Change The Skin Color Temporarily Now! Know A Few Things Before You Go

There are several stances where people would like to bake in the sun, which in turn affects the skin. This is the reason, immense of the people are turning onto spray tanning to fetch that different bronze look. This gives the color to the body and that too on the temporary basis. If you are going to do this for the first time, then you might have several related queries. To remove all the queries, given below is the entire detail:


Let us start with the basics with spray tanning. It is a form tanning, which is done in the absence of sun. It is artificially done with the help of spray. The presence of an ingredient like mist contains Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which easily interacts with your skin and makes it ether brown or bronze. Once this spray is sprayed on the entire body, it will last for 3 days to 7 days. Moreover, the process is safe too, as it has nothing to do with the sun’s rays. The results acquire from this sort of spray is generally good. Mostly celebrities or models have a preference for the spray tanning.

Pros and cons

  • If you compare spray tanning from other tanning products like cream etc, you will notice some differences. Spray tanning Brighton or self-tanning consisted of an ingredient such as DHA.
  • The biggest trouble of using spray tan is the high cost incurred in it. It costs very high per tan.
  • Also, the inconvenience of moving to the salon or seeking an appointment with experts to visit to the house is no more than a pain. It is really painful to move to the salon and get tanning done every week is really painful.
  • If you are getting it done from experts outside, then you need to pack your clothes and move out to get it done.
  • The benefits include its easy application and once you prepare to use it, you can get it done from the booth or from on your own. The professionals can visit your house and apply the fine mist on the entire body and nothing much. 

How safe is it?

It is really safe to use spray tanning. For better assurance, you can use lotions or gels etc to get it done yourself. If you have decided to use the spray tan St Kilda then ensure for wearing a nose clip and cover face. By following the precautions required, you would be able to make out that the process is really comfortable and easy to continue with.

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