Turn That Cheap Suit Into An Expensive One Without Breaking The Bank

Suits are hard to find and hard to buy due to one main reason; The price. Suits can be quite expensive and when the offices tend to opt for suits as the dress code it makes things even worse. You don’t want to end up wasting your whole salary on some outfit nor do you want to look cheap in a cheap suit. How can you overcome this issue? Well, we can help you out. But first keep in mind that you will have to have at least one good suit to wear in extremely special occasions. For the rest, you can simply use the following tips.

Off the rack and fit

Now that’s an odd combination isn’t it? We all know that buying off the rack means your suit will either be too big or too small. Suits are suppose to be custom made tofu our body which tends to vary from one person to another. Off the rack suits are based on the average sizes. So you will just have to go with that right? Actually, there is one way that you can turn this off the rack suit into YOUR suit. When you buy an off the rack sit, get it in a larger size so that you can do some alterations. Next, give it to a place which does suit alterations Sydney or in your region. They will get it to fit perfectly to your body. So now the fitting part is done.


We all know that cheap suits come along with some cheap buttons which are shiny and plastic. They tend to break very easily and also, you can notice the appalling look it gives to the whole suit. Well, why not just replace them. You can get the tailor to do that. Ask them to replace it with some genuine buttons which matches the material. If you are good with the needle and thread you can do this by yourself.


Now there are so many suit alterations Sydney CBD providing various alteration services. When you are at them getting the suit tailored, ask the to add a 1.5 inch cuff at the ankles of your trousers when they are altering it to fit your size. This is a specific detail which you can’t find in cheap suits. Also, it will be a good alteration.By using the above tips you can get your cheap suit to look quite expensive but without spending a ton of cash on it.

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